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Project Updates and

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Project Updates
 February 2024

  • Giles/Blackberry Hollow - This project is complete, with hopes of utilizing money left over from the project to extend the line a little further onto Crockett Ridge Rd.

  • Blackwater Extensions - This project is now complete.

  • Maple Hill - Construction began on this project shortly after the New Year, with Estes Bros Construction already making significant progress on the main line. Since the project began, several more user agreements have been secured, bringing the number of connections to more than 30.

  • St. Charles Waterline Replacement Phase III - Project is complete.

  • Fields Project Extension - This project is now complete.

  • Western Lee Sewer Project - The PSA is continuing to work with the County, The Lane Group and Army Corps of Engineers on land appraisals and easements. A meeting was held on January 11 with PSA, Lee County Administrator Dane Poe, assistant Robby Wright, the Army Corps of Engineers and Ryan Turner with LENOWISCO at the Lee County Airport. The meeting centered around easements and land appraisals.

  • Frog Level Phase II Extension to TN Line - The original cost estimate was $175,000.00 of which the PSA did receive an offer of $109,900.00. The next step was to see if there may be any General Assembly or Technical Assistance funds available which would allow the project materials needed to be fully funded. The PSA recently received notice of funds from the Technical Assistance Program (TA) in the amount of $55,000.00. The PSA expects to be able to purchase the materials in the near future and schedule a time for work to begin.




In keeping with our commitment to maintain minimal rates for sewer service, the Lee Co PSA is asking all of its sewer customers to refrain from flushing anything down the toilet except human waste and toilet paper. This includes any and all items that may be labeled "flushable". Any items flushed down the toilet except for human waste and toilet paper creates numerous issues for your service lines, the PSA's lines, our pump stations, and ultimately, our treatment facility, which increases operating costs, and thus increases customer costs.

Help us keep the rates you pay at a minimum. We certainly appreciate your cooperation and understanding on this matter. 


                                                                                                 ~ PSA Management

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